Old-Town City Hall, Korzenna 33/35 Street




TIME: 20:00

The life of machines

Piotr Sałajczyk – piano

Krzysztof Meyer – 3 Algorithmic Etudes
Dariusz Przybylski – 5 pieces for piano
Aleksandra Gryka – Oxygen No. 369 for piano and tape
Aleksander Nowak – Sturm und Frieden (2019)

The program of the recital consists of pieces about human fascination with the development of technology, inspired by automation and the use of robots in the 21st century. In today’s world, we not only enjoy the solutions that have emerged, but also constantly work on new inventions. The 21st century is the time of rapidly developing innovative technologies, the time of machines and robots that displace human work on an ever greater scale. Automation and robotization are unstoppable processes. The development opportunities and fears associated with robotization processes are the keynote of this program.

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund, obtained from subsidies established in games covered by the state monopoly, in accordance with Art. 80 sec. 1 of the Gambling Act of November 19, 2009, as part of the “Composing Commissions” program implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance

TIME: 21:00

Electric a capella

Vocal Group PUTNI (Latvia), NeoQuartet

Anita Kupriss – Soul Tea
Platons Buravickis – Strive!
Uģis Prauliņš – Hip Hop variations
George Crumb – Black Angels

International artistic cooperation between Poland and Latvia. Two excellent chamber groups, the Latvian vocal group Putni and NeoQuartet in an electric version. The audience will have the opportunity to take part in a multimedia performance, during which two Polish premieres of works by Latvian composers (Uģis Prauliņš and Platons Buravickis) and the cult Black Angels by Georg Crumb in the version for an electric string quartet will be performed.


Artists’ Colony, Grunwaldzka 51 Street




TIME: 20:00

Institute for post-human performance practice


Trond Reinholdsten, Jennifer Torrence – percussion

The Institute for Post-Human Performance Practice is a performative installation created by Trond Reinholdtsen and Jennifer Torrence to establish and operate an institute dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and competitiveness of the musician in the context of future competition with robots and artificial intelligence. The Institute’s research includes prosthetics, medications, robot-human collaboration, and other human support practices. The performance installation, Institute for Post-Human Performance Practice, includes live performances, video and the institute itself.


NOMUS – The New Art Museum in Gdansk, Jaracza 14 Street




TIME: 20.00

OMN – New Music Orchestra

Irena Kalinowska-Grohs – skrzypce
Danuta Sobik-Ptok – wiolonczela
Adam Bonk – perkusja
Paweł Hendrich – gitara elektryczna
Szymon Bywalec – kontroler Sony PS-3
Wojciech Herzyk – kontroler Sony PS-3
Krzysztof Batog – kontroler Sony PS-3
Jacek Olesik – kontroler Sony PS-3

Special guest:
Stefan Prins

Stefan Prins – Generation Kill

OMN – New Music Orchestra is the oldest and most successful Polish ensemble specializing in contemporary music. During this multimedia event, the band will present to the audience the cult work of Generation Kill, the star of contemporary music, Stefan Prins.

TIME: 21:00

Neo Classic – Stockhausen

Monika Pasiecznik

Martyna Zakrzewska, Miłosz Pękala, Bartłomiej Sutt, Agata Partyka, Jan Gralla, Wojciech Błażejczyk, Krzysztof Cybulski

Karlheinz Stockhausen – Kontakte (1959)
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Mikrophonie I (1960)

The Neo Classic project is a presentation of the achievements of artists who changed the course of the history of contemporary music. The hero of the 2021 edition will be Karlheinz Stockhausen, a genius of twentieth-century music, who inspires not only classical musicians, but also created the foundations for electronic creativity, including techno music. The program consists of canonical pieces such as KONTAKTE (1959) for piano, percussion and tape and MIKROPHONIE I (1965) for there, two microphones, two filters and potentiometers. Years ago, these works were groundbreaking achievements both in terms of the new definition of musical material or form, and the use of new means of electronic processing. Today they are considered the classics of the music of the last century, which show the far-reaching, timelessness and scope of Stockhausen’s artistic endeavors.


NOMUS – The New Art Museum in Gdansk, Jaracza 14 Street




TIME: 20:00

Electric Primitivo

Arturo Corrales – live electronics, Gilbert Imperial – electric guitar, Lòtzio Andrea Carlotto – video

1 hour improvisation inspired by the following compositions:
Fausto Romitelli – Trash Tv Trance
Arturo Corrales – Riff
Jacob Ter Veldhuis – grab it!
Tristan Murail – Vampyr!

The Electric Primitivo brings a raw and explosive combination of electric guitar and electronics to the stage, enriched with live video interaction. The program includes the music of living composers and free improvisation at all levels: video, electronics and guitar.

TIME: 21:30

Marek Rogulus Rogulski – interactive performance for instruments and objects

Especially for the needs of the NeoArte festival, the artist will create an installation – an object that will creatively refer to the interior of the newly opened NOMUS Art Museum.


Old-Town City Hall, Korzenna 33/35 Street




TIME: 20:00

Modern Multicultural Quartet

5 premiere compositions written for a string quartet with electronics and for an electric string quartet with looper and synthesizers.

Mohammad H. Javaheri – A Colossal Blossom (2021)
Idin Samimi Mofakham – Crystallum (2021)
Agnes Ida Pettersen – Rhei (2021)
Tze Yeung Ho – vihik (i) (2021)
Martyna Kosecka – Arkhe: Noise Maps (2021)


The Modern Multicultural Quartet is a project aimed at showing the latest face of the royal instrumental composition, which is a string quartet. The starting point are four classical acoustic instruments which, in the process of music evolution and technological progress, become an electronic medium with unlimited sonic possibilities. All of this is presented from a Persian, Central European and Scandinavian cultural perspective.

Co-financed by Arts Council Norway

30 – 31.10.2021

Hevelianum, Gradowa 6 Street




TIME: 23:00 – 6.00

Stefan Wesołowski – Dreaming (all-night concert / hapenning)

Stefan Wesołowski with an instrumental ensemble

Stefan Wesołowski, commissioned by the NeoArte festival, will create a 7-hour electroacoustic composition intended for listening, contemplating and dreaming. During this all-night concert / happening, the audience will have specially prepared mattresses at their disposal so that they can spend the whole night surrounded by sounds and images created by Filip Ignatowicz, a visual artist from Tricity. In addition to the author of the project, an instrumental ensemble of several people will take part in the concert.

Special thanks to SENACTIVE for providing mattresses


Old-Town City Hall, Korzenna 33/35 Street




TIME: 18:00

Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble

Olga Rayeva – “Ethiopian coffee” for flute, bass-clarinet and piano
Giacinto Scelsi – Duo for violin and cello
Anton Svetlishny – “Half of a Dog” for alto flute, bass-clarinet, piano and cello
Alvin Lucier – “Two Circles” for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello and electronics
Philippe Hurel – “Pour Luigi” for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello

Ivan Bushuev – flute
Oleg Tantsov – clarinet
Mikhail Dubov – piano
Roman Mints – violin
Olga Demina – cello

The Moscow ensemble is the most famous Russian ensemble of contemporary music. He gives concerts on all continents, and the most outstanding composers from all over the world dedicate his works to them. At the special request of the NeoArte festival, the Moscow Contemporary Ensemble will introduce viewers to the world of spectral music.

TIME: 19:30

Neo Cooperations
15th anniversary of NeoQuartet

Małgorzata Walentynowicz, Emil Miszk, Marsija, Jacaszek, NeoQuartet

Concert on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the NeoQuartet. The Tri-City group, the organizer of the NeoArte festival, invited the most respected and versatile musicians from the Tri-City to cooperate and create four fifteen-minute-long joint compositions. Each of the invited artists is out of the box and works in many artistic fields. The concert is to be, on the one hand, a summary of the festival of contemporary music, and on the other, it is to present a picture of the artistic interests of its creators.



Synthesizer Academy – Reading Sessions workshops for young composers – hosted by NeoQuartet

Individual Reading Sessions is a meeting of a young composer and experienced performers, during which the creator has a chance to receive feedback on his work. We invite composers who want to work on a composition for a string quartet (it is possible to work on pieces with electronics and written for an electric string quartet). The most interesting compositions will be performed by the NeoQuartet during the concerts in 2022.

Place: Gdańsk, detailed location will be announced in the first half of October 2021
Cost: PLN 300
Composers’ submissions with an attached artistic biography, composition score and recording (midi version is acceptable) at:
Payment information will be sent after registration.
The number of participants is limited to 5 people. The order of applications decides.


Synthesizer Academy – workshops for young composers – led by Trond Reinholdtsen

Gdansk Music Academy, room nr 416 (red building)
Time: 10.00

A two-hour lecture / meeting during which the renowned Norwegian composer shares his knowledge with students of composition.
The workshops are organized in cooperation with the Academy of Music in Gdańsk. Free entrance.


Neo Edu Arte – From idea to premiere – workshops for children – led by Agnieszka Płoszajska

Workshops ending with concerts for children and teenagers are organized annually during the NeoArte festival. For several days of the festival, every day there will be music and theater classes, the result of which will be a short concert performed by young art adepts during the last day of the festival in the Old Town Hall.
Participants will get to know the tasks of individual producers of a theatrical performance (such as a director, actor, composer, etc.), learn what the mysterious “creative process” is, and above all, they will be able to experience it personally by constructing their own, unique work.

The workshops are intended for children and adolescents aged 12+
Dates of meetings: 29-31.10.2021
Place of meetings: Gdańsk
Register here:

Tickets and passes:

Tickets and passes can be bought via up to 30 minutes before concerts.

20 zł


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7-days pass

75 zł

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