Neo Voyager Project

Neo Voyager – development of cultural cooperation by organization of Norwegian and Icelandic editions of contemporary music festival called NeoArte – Synthesizer of Arts Festival along with educational project called Neo Edu Arte presented in Norway, Iceland, and Poland.

Idea of the project assumes the realization of Norwegian, Polish and Icelandic editions of NeoArte Synthesizer of Arts Festival within years 2023-2024. NeoArte Synthesizer of Arts Festival is an international festival taking place in Gdansk since 2012. The event presents the most interesting trends in contemporary music and art.

Each festival is devoted to contemporary music and art with strong emphasis on the influence of newest technologies on artistic endeavors. Each event mainly presents an artistic output of country it is held in. Every edition has their patron – Composer-in-Residence chosen from respective country of Norway, Poland and Iceland.

Individual editions are held in Oslo (March 2023) and Reykjavik (March 2024). The Polish part of the project is held as an accompanying event – 12th edition of the NeoArte festival in Gdansk – October 2023.

Artistic programs and the organization of individual festivals are the result of cooperation between a team of curators and coordinators from the three countries participating in the project. Cultural institutions related to contemporary music are also involved in the project.

Details of the festivals:
• NeoArte Synthesizer of Arts Festival, Norwegian edition, Oslo, 24 – 26.03.2023
Artistic curators and producers: Martyna Kosecka, Idin Samimi Mofakham, NeoQuartet

• 12th edition of NeoArte Synthesizer of Arts Festival, Gdansk, 26 – 29.10.2023
Artistic curators and producers: NeoQuartet

• NeoArte Synthesizer of Arts Festival, Icelandic edition, Reykjavík, 22 – 24.03.2024
Artistic curators and producers: Thora Einarsdottir, NeoQuartet
Program details CLICK HERE


An integral part of the project is also Neo Edu Arte – an educational program addressed to young composers from Poland, Norway and Iceland. As a result of the competition, 6 young composers were selected. The prize is a composition commission for a string quartet piece. Young composers work with renowned composers during 3 workshop sessions that take place in each of the countries involved. In addition to composition classes, they work with the NeoQuartet. As part of career development support, there are also coaching sessions with a specialist in the field of entrepreneurship in culture. The premieres of works by young composers will be presented during the Icelandic edition of the NeoArte festival. At the end of the project, all compositions will be recorded on a CD.

As a result of a two-stage competition, the following composers were selected to participate in the project:

Ása ÖnnuÓlafsdóttir
Kristján Steinn Kristjánsson

Anders Hannevold
Vanessa Isobel Black

Hubert Gabriel Żmudzki
Przemysław Pacek

Partners of the Neo Voyager project:
nyMusikk’s Composer Group (Norway)
The Society of Icelandic Composers (Iceland)
Koło Młodych Związku Kompozytorów Polskich (Poland)
Foreningen Oslo Sinfonietta og Cikada (Norway)
Norræna húsið í Reykjavík (Iceland)

Neo Edu Arte – educational program

21 – 22.03.2024, Workshops in Reykjavik

Idea of the program – click here

Neo Edu Arte – educational program is a part of the Neo Voyager project funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA and Norway Grants.


Trond Reinholdtsen (NO)
Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir (IS)
Martyna Kosecka (PL)
Idin Samimi Mofakham (IR)
Paweł Hendrich (PL)
NeoQuartet (PL)
Anna Proszowska-Sala (PL)

Vanessa Isobel Black (NO)
Anders Hannevold (NO)
Ása Önnu Ólafsdóttir (IS)
Przemysław Pacek (PL)
Kristján Steinn Kristjánsson (IS)
Hubert Gabriel Żmudzki (PL)

Workshop schedule:
Neo Edu Arte – Reading Sessions workshops for young composers as part of the Neo Voyager project – conducted by NeoQuartet
Neo Edu Arte – Neo Edu Arte – Career coaching – workshops for young composers as part of the Neo Voyager project – conducted by Anna Proszowska-Sala
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