Baltic & Nordic New Music Spectrum


Details of the concerts:

Russia – Kaliningrad – Sound Around Kaliningrad festival – 31.10.2020
Faroe Islands – Nordic House – Summartonar (Faroese Composers) – 28 – 29.11.2020
Latvia – Riga – series of the concerts organized by Culture Association Spektrs – 29.11.2020

Baltic & Nordic New Music Spectrum (Third Edition) is the cycle of three concerts performed by NeoQuartet (originator of this project) in Russia, Latvia and Faroe Islands in period between October and November 2020.
The main idea of this project is to present the enormous variety and abundance of forms within contemporary music for string quartet genre.
As a result, we can observe compositions intertwined with other arts such as theatre, video art, and dance.
The performed compositions were selected to fully represent contemporary chamber music and its newest trends.
New music for string quartet demands from artistss not only playing their instruments, but also operating electronics, handling video, and performing theatrical gestures.
NeoQuartet (Polish string quartet specializing in performance of contemporary classical music) invited four renowned composers for this project: Olga Rayeva (Russia), Peteris Vasks (Latvia), Aleksander Kosciow (Poland) and Kristian Blak (Faroe Islands).
Each of their compositions is unique, presents various technical approaches, creativity, and personal experiences and insights.

Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund

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