The association was established by members of the NeoQuartet string quartet:

Karolina Piątkowska-Nowicka – I violin
Paweł Kapica – II violin
Michał Markiewicz – viola
Krzysztof Pawłowski – cello

Neoarte Association

NeoArte association was established as a result of musical passion shared by four string quartet players of NeoQuartet. This Polish string quartet is one of the most active contemporary music ensembles in Europe.

We, NeoQuartet, are great enthusiasts of contemporary art and music discovering every single day the hidden wonders of sounds. We want to share accompanying sonic creativity and its enormous power of affection. We want to promote the music of contemporary artists/composers and give them space for their self-expression.
Therefore, we established NeoArte Synthesizer of Arts Festival, that takes place in Gdańsk, Poland annually from 2012.

Apart from our festival, every year we organize projects, that create opportunities of cooperation between different countries and cultures. We build international artistic collaboration nets, invent new ways of presenting/perceiving art and enhance creation of new musical compositions and artistic expressions.

We strongly believe, that contact with culture and art may positively influence every human-being and make their lives significantly better.

This is our mission and our main theme: Throughout culture and art, life has wholesome start☺

CBC – Culture Based Creativity is thus the engine of all our endeavors and undertakings.


• 12 Editions of NeoArte Synthesizer of Arts Festival in Gdańsk, Poland (2012-2023)
• 21 Projects: Composer Collections financed by Music and Dance Institute IMIT (2013-2023)
As a result, there have been 21 new compositions written and presented during 44 concerts in Poland and abroad
• 5 Projects within the program Promotion of Polish Culture Abroad (2015-2020): Baltic New Music Spectrum (2016, 2018, 2020 Editions), NeoTemporis Group Ukraine Tour (2018), Contemporary Cultural Cooperations (2018)
• 3 Projects within the program Cultural Bridges by Adam Mickiewicz Institute IAM: NeoQuartet Tour across China, South Korea, and Japan (2018), Neo Electric Quartet Ukraine Tour (2019), NeoQuartet online concerts for Korean audience
• 2 projects Co-financed by the National Center for Culture as part of the “Culture in the network” program: Neo Collection 2020, Wigrosfera Online Festival 2020 (coproduction with ART SOS Foundation Suwalki)
• 1 Investment Project financed by Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage MKiDN: Purchase of electric string instruments for NeoQuartet (2017)
• numerous concerts and recordings of NeoQuartet and NeoTemporis Group (Polish-Ukrainian contemporary music ensemble) in Europe, China, South Korea, Japan, and the United States.
•  jubilee project “15 quartets for the 15th anniversary of NeoQuartet” implemented in 2021
• the Multchannel Post Quartet project implemented in the post-shipyard area in Gdańsk in 2022
• co-organization of three editions of the Wigrosfera festival in the Suwałki Region in the years 2020 – 2022
• a series of educational concerts by the NeoQuartet in educational institutions in Gdansk (2022)
•NeoArte – Synthesizer of Arts – Oslo edition – March – 2023 (as part of the “Neo Voyager” project from EEA funds)


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