Technopera is a multimedia project combining techno culture and opera, carried out in the post-industrial space of the former Gdańsk Shipyard, which will premiere on June 17 2023, 8 PM. The show will be presented at WL4 Mleczny Piotr Gallery in Gdańsk.

is a direct reference to the events organized by the cult Tri-City artistic group C.U.K.T. (Central Office of Technical Culture) in the years 1996 – 1999. The members of C. U. K. T. believed in the rhythm, trance nature of techno music and the possibility of subliminal impact on the recipient. These assumptions, closely related to the operation of techno music, were connected with the belief in the possibility of shaping social and civic attitudes and educating the society.

Technopera is based on a libretto by Podletz (Artur Kozdrowski) and Peter Style (Piotr Wyrzykowski). It consists of audiovisual samples from popular science fiction films arranged in the form of a dialogue between the characters of the opera. The libretto played live by a VJ provides a choreographic and dramatic reference point for actors and musicians.

Artists who co-created the group C.U.K.T. are involved in the implementation of Technopera. The director and author of the visual layer is Piotr Wyrzykowski, the character of the Man will be played by Mikołaj Robert Jurkowski. Other artists taking part in the project are the top artists from the Tri-City, also well known to the Polish and international audience. The creator of electronic music Michał Jacaszek will prepare the electronic layer of the opera, and NeoQuartet with its electric instruments will be his partner in creating the entire audio sphere of the event. The cast of Technopera is completed by the world-famous soprano and performer Aleksandra Klimczak. The other characters of the opera – Alien, Machine and Cyborg – will be generated with the help of artificial intelligence.

One of Technopera’s basic questions is a quote taken from a tweet by Robert Scoble referring to the revolutionary development of artificial intelligence technology:

Have you all thought about what will happen when every human knows everything?”

June 17, 2023, 8 PM – WL4 Mleczny Piotr in Gdansk (performance duration – 50 minutes)
Directed by Piotr Wyrzykowski
Libretto: Piotr Wyrzykowski, Artur Kozdrowski
Music: Michał Jacaszek, NeoQuartet
Scenography and visualizations: Piotr Wyrzykowski
Performers: Aleksandra Klimczak, Mikołaj Robert Jurkowski, Michał Jacaszek, NeoQuartet
Costumes: Agnieszka Kochanczyk, cooperation – Natalia Fierka, Karolina Kaźmierczak

Technopera – accompanying events:
Exhibition – “Technopera 1996 – 2023”, C.U.K.T.
exhibition commissioners: Robert Mikołaj Jurkowski, Jacek Niegoda, Piotr Wyrzykowski.
WL4, 1st floor

After the show, we invite you to DJ and VJ sets.
DJ sets: Maria Smolarz, Klokier
VJ set: KJG – Konrad Górecki

The sponsors of the event are the City of Gdansk and the Pomeranian Voivodeship.


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