Cikada has been a key player on the Nordic contemporary music scene since its formation in 1989. Never afraid to follow its own path, the ensemble continues to renew itself through astute, innovative programming, and the ever-present desire to let audiences experience some of the best music of our time.

The ensemble has since the outset consisted of ten permanent members: flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, string quintet and conductor. It performs at prestigious festivals such as Donaueschinger Musiktage, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Klangspuren Schwaz, Sacrum Profanum.

Over the years Cikada has commissioned and premiered 200+ works by some of the today’s leading composers both internationally and domestically. 


Heather Frasch is a composer and performer with a background from acoustic and electroacoustic music, as well as interactive sound installations and the development of digital instruments. Through the creation of complex timbres, the usage of unstable notation systems, and electronics her work explores notions of fragility and stillness within an intermedia sonic arts practice. Influenced by the disembodiment of acousmatic music practices, she investigates the reembodiment of sound and the intimacy between humans and their technological objects.


Flutist. Curator. Activist.

Specializes in micro-projects in city spaces realized with local communities. In the years 2010–2012 created a unique project „Lokal na Poważnie” which aimed at popularizing contemporary music and performing it in an urban setting. The project included 26 concerts and 21 premieres interpreting the phenomenon of New Warsaw .

In 2013 she established the Hashtag Ensemble cooperative and leads its works: performing concerts of 20th- and 21st-century music, as well as engaging in improvisational and educational initiatives. 


Dariusz Mazurowski is a Polish electroacoustic music composer, producer and performer born and currently residing in Gdansk. 

His works combine traditional analog instruments with the sonic potential of digital technology and computers, i.e., electronic / synthesized sounds with processed microphone recordings (concrete sounds) and samples. During solo concerts, he often combines fixed media with extracted “parts” that he then performs (sometimes improvises) on live electronic devices.

Mazurowski is also active as a visual artist (graphics, drawings, photography and video) and as a journalist (publishing texts mainly devoted to contemporary music.


They are passionate about art and contemporary music. They love to create, play concerts, think outside the box, challenge existing dogmas. They enormously value the possibilities of collaboration with various artists and ensuing mutual inspiration. They are fascinated by making bonds with audience, jumping to other dimensions and catching new perspectives of looking into the world.
Outstanding energy, full commitment, freedom of expression and creation of new developmental paths – these are the main features of NeoQuartet.
NeoQuartet is one of the most interesting, engaging and action-oriented ensembles of contemporary music in Europe. It is a Prize-Winner of prestigious Pomeranian Artistic Award. The ensemble was also nominated to numerous other prizes (Sztorm Roku, Fryderyki). Quartet has recorded 13 CDs released by Polish, German, Greek,, and American labels.
Since 2017, NeoQuartet expanded its instrumental spectrum with electric midi string violins, viola and cello plus synthesizers and loopers beginning with this purchase new, unique musical phenomenon throughout the world. In 2022 first CD with NeoQuartet’s own compositions was released. String Theory album will chart new musical territories of string quartet development in 21st century.
NeoQuartet plays concerts in Poland and abroad. From 2012 to 2021 the ensemble performed over 500 concerts almost in every corner of the world (25 countries) including prestigious concert halls of Carnegie Hall in New York and Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing.

NeoQuartet consists of: Karolina Piątkowska-Nowicka (1st Violin), Paweł Kapica (2nd Violin), Michał Markiewicz (Viola), and Krzysztof Pawłowski (Cello).


The Oslo String Quartet (OSQ) was founded in 1991 and is one of Scandinavia’s most acclaimed and sought after chamber ensembles. In 1994 they made their international mark after making the finals of London International String Competition.

As well as being regular guests at all the major chamber music festivals and series in Norway and Scandinavia, OSQ tours Europe and America.

Connecting with a broad audience has always been important for the Oslo String Quartet. School concerts, mini-festivals and video productions with specially adapted programs and themes have been a vital part of their activity for three decades.

OSQ plays on instruments generously on loan with by Dextra Musica Foundation. 


Parallax has a wide open approach to improvisation, and draw on a broad range of influences in their music – jazz, folk, electroacoustic, minimalism and noise. 

Rather than belonging to any particular “school” of improvisation, Parallax’ music is a blend of the members’ musical preferences and influences with strong emphasis on interplay and listening. They have forged their own unique take on improvisation that seamlessly draws on an array of influences ranging from Asian folk musics to traditional jazz and abstract soundscapes. 


Trond Reinholdsten, b. 1972 in Oslo, graduate of the Norwegian Academy of Music. His first works were characterized by modernist complexity in the German style. He also performed as a singer with the early music ensemble Nordic Voices. Then his music began to develop towards extreme performance studies: pure music was combined with various non-musical forms of expression, such as essay inserts, live filming, as well as elements such as statistical facts; he called these works oprams. His original performances have been shown, among others, in at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival or Donaueschinger Musiktage. He founded the music newspaper “Parergon”. He collaborates with the bands asamisimasa (Oslo) and Plus-Minus (London), as well as pianist Mark Knoop (London). In the field of theatre, his artistic partners are Vegard Vinge and Ida Müller (Volksbühne Berlin).


Jennifer Torrence is an experimental musician based in Oslo, Norway. Her practice includes percussion/performance, artistic research, collaborative projects, curation, composition, writing, teaching, etc. She is Associate Professor II of percussion at the Norwegian Academy of Music and a member of Pinquins.

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